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Tyre inflators

Model: SG ATC-06
R 55.37
Ex VAT:R 48.15
Model: SG ATC-09
Tyre chuck for Ø8mm ID hose The tyre chuck fits on a tyre inflator to hold onto a tyre's valve while inflating it. Replacement tyre chuck for SG STG05....
R 55.37
Ex VAT:R 48.15
Model: SG ATC-09P
R 62.56
Ex VAT:R 54.40
Model: SG DTC-12
Heavy duty tyre chuck The heavy duty dual head tyre chuck is fitted with a rubber grip and is ideal to inflate tyres in hard to reach places. Hose tail for Ø 8mm ID hose....
R 87.75
Ex VAT:R 76.30
Model: SG SS-28
Tyre chuck 1/4 BSP The tyre chuck needs to be pressed onto a tyre's valve to inflate it. Combine the tyre chuck with a hose tail fitting, fitted to a hose to inflate a tyre.....
R 37.49
Ex VAT:R 32.60
Model: SG STG05
Tyre inflator with pressure gauge The tyre chuck on the pressure gauge conveniently holds the valve in place while inflating the tyre. A button can be pressed on the inflator gun to deflate the tyre in the pressure is too high. Working..
R 330.80
Ex VAT:R 287.65
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