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30 Dec 5 Tips for optimal air sander performance
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Keep Your Air Sanders Running Smoothly 5 tips to keep your pneumatic sander running in top-performing shape, so you can get the best sanding results ..
06 Dec Air Tool Lubrication
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The in line lubricator: Because of their design characteristics, all percussion air tools require some form of lubrication to reduce the fric..
05 Dec Air filters and their importance in your system
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Compressed Air Filters and Their Importance in Your System Compressor Intake Filter This compressed air filter often acts as the fir..
05 Dec Air Tool Safety
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Consider safety when operating pneumatic/air tools. Pneumatic tools, powered by compressed air, can be a useful and portable addition to ele..
16 Nov The closed loop installation
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More than 98% of factories using compressed air started out with a dead-end network. Over the years their systems have evolved into a ..
15 Nov Understanding and measuring BSP
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In South Africa, we have standardised most of our pneumatic fittings to use BSP thread fittings. BSP is an abbreviation for British ..
12 Oct New Website
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Out with OLD - in with the NEW! Welcome to our new website Our AirCraft website came a long way since 2014. As technology advances, so do website design trends. What was popul..
12 Oct Spray gun cleaning
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Spray gun cleaning Keeping the spray gun spotlessly clean insures that it sprays properly. Cleaning methods can range from simpl..
12 Oct Pneumatic Coupling - Explained
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Pneumatic Coupling - Explained What is a pneumatic coupling? A pneumatic coupling is used to connect compressed air tools to a compressed air line. A pneumatic coupler allows a..
11 Oct Compressor maintenance
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Preventative maintenance: When a compressor is first used, use a stopwatch and time how long it takes for the compressor to completely fill t..
11 Oct Why use pneumatics?
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Pneumatics is a branch of engineering that uses gas or pressurized air. A pneumatic system is powered by compressed air or inert (non-reactive) gases. A central..
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